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Here is my simple philosophy:

  • I believe in you
  • I will get to know you
  • I will trust you
  • I will support you
  • I will help when you are confused
  • I will encourage you

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There are 2 ways you can learn: One is by staying connected and the other is enrolling into a course and be done with it until next time (Pick Your Course).

Annual – Staying Connected

$485 /Year

  • Learn the courses as they are provided in the order of beginners, intermediate and advanced ‘Or’
  • Learn any of the subject areas at your pace: “Inventory” or “Distribution” or “Transportation” or “Customer Promise” Product Management course
Pick Your Course

$200 /course

  • Choose any one of the below course:
  • Basic or Intermediate level Technology Product Management
  • Pick one from the following “Inventory” or “Distribution” or “Transportation” or “Customer Promise” Product Management course
Have Any Questions?


Contact: [email protected]

Who Should Take an Online Course?

Anyone interested in basics of Technology Product Management (PdM), Tech PdM in Supply Chain, or anyone wanting to make a career switch to Tech PdM in Supply Chain is welcome to take the course.

How Do I Access My Course?

There are 2 methods:

  1. You can attend In-person classes in Atlanta over the weekend or
  2. You can attend online live classes

Are There Prerequisites or Language Requirements?

Any experience or having studied Supply Chain or Operations would be helpful. In addition, basic knowledge of computer programming (not mandatory) would help

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